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  1. 30th Anniversary

    Share your memories or stories of the City of Green!

Income Tax Division

  1. Comments & Questions

    Submit only general questions to our Tax Division staff. Do not send confidential information through this form, for specific questions... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Ambassador Activity Log
  1. Parks Ambassador Interest Sign-up

    The program is a volunteer-driven organization of committed community members who assist with Parks & Recreation Division services,... More…

Planning & Development

  1. Green Community Leadership Initiative Interest Form

    Sign up to receive a notification when the Green Community Leadership Initiative applications are available.

  1. Green Massillon Road North Construction Communication Form

    Businesses/Landowners: Please register your business info for updates and info regarding the Massillon Road North infrastructure... More…

Service Request

  1. Make a Service Request

    Make a service request to the City of Green.