What will this improvement do for Green?
  1. Improves traffic flow to move vehicles through the corridor fasterno waiting for the light to go green—and provide easier access to businesses along the corridor. (Without roundabouts, this section of 241-S would need to be nine lanes wide at traffic signals!) 
  2. Increases safety for drivers and passengers as risky traffic signal accidents no longer come into play.  
  3. Enhances the aesthetic of the corridor and creates a visually appealing sense of place.
  4. Provides capacity to handle growth of this prime retail and business hub in Green.  
  5. The number of vehicles that travel down 241 S is expected to increase by 20% by 2043; the roundabout will lessen congestion in the area.
  6. Traffic signals create more congestion than roundabouts, the project will improve traffic flow. 
  7. The roundabout will make it easier to turn left across 241 along the corridor. 
  8. New sidewalks on both sides of Massillon Rd and clearly marked crosswalks will enable pedestrians to travel easily and safely along 241S.

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1. Why is the City adding another roundabout?
2. What will this improvement do for Green?
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