Will there be road closures?

We don’t anticipate full road closures along Massillon Road. There will be occasional lane closures that still allow traffic to proceed. Raber Road is scheduled to be closed for a short period of time in early 2021. Also SR 619 will be closed in sections for a limited time in 2021. Portions of SR619, east and west of Massillon Road, will be closed at different times periods. The closures of Raber and SR619 will not be at the same time. Businesses and the traveling public will be notified of these closures well in advance.

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2. Why are we putting new utility poles up instead of placing those wires and cables underground?
3. The roundabouts at Raber and 619 are at busy intersections. Why are we adding a third one at Stein Road?
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7. Will there be road closures?