Why is the project necessary?

Currently the corridor is perhaps our most congested road in the City and  isn’t equipped for the growth in traffic to come in the years and decades ahead. The added lanes ensure the corridor can handle the additional vehicles (expected to grow on a per-day basis from 21,000 to an estimated 41,000 by 2035*). *Per AMATS Traffic Study Estimate

Under current conditions, heavy traffic and obscured sight-lines make it difficult to make left turns within the corridor. The roundabouts at Raber Road, Stein Road and SR 619 will  make the corridor more efficient and safer. Motorist will only be able to make right turns into and out of businesses along the corridor, then use the closest roundabout as a “U-turn” to head in the opposite direction. This new traffic pattern will make the corridor easier and safer for motorist.   

Plus, the addition of walking and bike paths helps encourage a more active lifestyle.  

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1. If we're looking to access Interstate 77, should we take an alternate route?
2. Why are we putting new utility poles up instead of placing those wires and cables underground?
3. The roundabouts at Raber and 619 are at busy intersections. Why are we adding a third one at Stein Road?
4. How long will the project take?
5. Why is the project necessary?
6. During construction, how will traffic be directed as new lanes are added?
7. Will there be road closures?