Are there limits to what this money may be used for?

Yes. Eligible Expenses include existing machinery & equipment paymentspayroll, rent, utility expenses, insurance paymentsIneligible Expenses include new purchases and new debt. Other sources of funds and the application of use will be considered in the loan processing. 

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1. Will these be fixed monthly payments?
2. Can I repay the loan early?
3. Are loans only for $6,000, or can I request any amount up to $6,000?
4. Are there limits to what this money may be used for?
5. I am a franchise owner, is this $6,000 per location or per business owner?
6. Does receiving this loan make me ineligible for any other form of relief program?
7. Is there a minimum number of employees, I must have to qualify for this loan?
8. My business is just outside Green’s city limits, but I live in Green. Does my business qualify?
9. I originally requested $2,000, but now realize I need to borrow more. Can I submit another loan request?
10. How long will it take to receive my loan?
11. What information is required to apply?
12. What is the interest rate after the 36-month period?
13. Are there closing fees?