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Posted on: September 8, 2021

Statement from the City of Green

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Statement from the City of Green regarding the Intersection of Arlington Road and Mount Pleasant

GREEN, OH – 9/8/2021: The City Administration recently became aware of a petition circulating on social media. The petition is in response to a tragic accident that happened over the weekend at the intersection of Arlington Road and Mount Pleasant. The petition calls for immediate safety changes to this intersection. The City of Green appreciates the response and community engagement dedicated to improving safety.

Anytime when an accident of this magnitude occurs on a roadway, our City Administration reviews the details pertaining to the role the roadway itself played into the accident.

As we plan and make infrastructure improvements throughout the city, safety is always our first consideration. It’s one of the reasons we have been building roundabouts – the highest recommended improvement to reduce intersection fatalities.

In response to the petition, let us address each of the suggestions.

Long-term Suggestions

  • Add a roundabout. Yes, this is one way to improve the safety of an intersection. This option would take time to develop the plan, determine a funding source, design and construct.  We share this intersection with Jackson Township, which also complicates the process.
  • Make changes to the grading of the hills on Arlington Road to reduce the slopes. Whenever we propose intersection improvements, we investigate all the options and review the possible costs and feasibility of them before determining the best solution. Typically slope changes are extremely expensive and may not ultimately be the best solution, but this would be determined by the engineering study completed prior to designing any infrastructure improvement.

Short-Term suggestions

  • Trimming and removal of pine trees near the intersection. The city is currently looking into the vegetation near the intersection to determine if it impacts sight distances. If this is a factor, the city will work with Jackson Township to take the necessary steps to remove the vegetation.
  • Transverse rumble strips on Arlington Road both southbound and northbound. Rumble strips are used to alert drivers to potential hazards. Our engineering department will look into this option.
  • Signage on Mount Pleasant stating that traffic from Arlington Road does NOT stop. This signage already exists.
  • Signage on Arlington warning of a dangerous intersection. Warning signs on both Arlington and Mount Pleasant. And Increased flashing lights and signs. There currently are flashing lights on the stop signs at Mount Pleasant as well as a flashing beacon light in the intersection. As for additional signage, we will review and discuss with Jackon Township/Stark County Engineer to determine if additional signage could be added.

Unfortunately, there have been a series of unrelated fatal accidents in our City over the past few months. This has increased the community’s awareness of roadway safety. We continue to seek answers to why these occur and study these intersections to determine what, if any, additional safety measures can be made.  

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