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Esports are video games played in an organized, competitive environment. Esports are played in the form of a league or tournament and allows participants to compete in their favorite games in an organized format.

The City of Green is proud to partner with GGLeagues to offer a wide variety of opportunities, and a fun, safe, and memorable introduction to esports.

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The video game industry is growing consistently with now over 240 million gamers in the United States and over 2.8 billion gamers worldwide. GGLeagues’ goal is to provide a platform for a fun, safe, and memorable esports experience

GGLeagues works with over 300 park districts, schools, cities and other recreation agencies to power their gaming leagues. They feel as though recreational esports should be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, and at every age and skill level. 

With this platform, all of our registrants will safely be able to play games against other gamers locally, state-wide, and if you are able to become the champion of our leagues, nationally!

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Aside from esports becoming a legitimate collegiate varsity sport, and offering scholarships for these opportunities, there are many jobs and careers that have opened up with the rise of online gaming. Whether you are interested in competitive gaming, development, or the related media skills, esports provides many different career opportunities.

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