Fall Events

  1. Parker's Trail Chalenge
  2. Twisted Wilderfest
  3. Trick-or-Treat Trail
  4. Veteran's Day


Parker's Tail Challenge is the City of Green's fall walking/hiking spree taking place September through October, exact dates will be released closer to the opening of the program. The challenge is open to both residents and nonresidents.

How to Participate

Any interested participant can get started by going out and walking one of the designated trails or paths located in the City of Green. Once all 8 challenge trails have been completed, fill out and turn in the challenge brochure to the Parks and Recreation Office by _________. 


Complete the full challenge before _______ to receive a hiking backpack and a challenge patch. A new patch can be earned each year displaying the year the challenge was completed.

Limit one free backpack per family (additional backpacks may be purchased for $25). All participants will receive a patch.

Challenge Trails

Boettler Park Walking Trail

5300 Massillon Road: 1.2 miles Paved - Easy

Trail map

Southgate Way and Bluebird Trail

5300 Massillon Road: 0.7-1.5 miles Various - Moderate

Trail map

Central Park Walking Path

1795 Steese Road or 1755 Town Park Boulevard: 0.5 mile Paved - Easy

Trail map

Ariss Park Waling Trail

2520 Wise Road: .5 mile Limestone and Gravel - Moderate

Trail Map

Knapp Recreation Area Trail

3504 Cottage Grove Road: 1.2 miles Various - Moderate

Trail map

Nimisila Trail

5531 S. Main Street: 3.1 miles Limestone - Easy

Trail map

The Chapel Walking Trail

1800 Raber Road: 1.2 miles Limestone - Easy

Trail map