Raber Road Multi-Use Path



In 2002 Raber Road was widened to handle future projected traffic growth. As a result of the construction of the Chapel, an opportunity became available for sidewalk to be added to the scope of the project since the Chapel had the space and had plans to build a publicly open trail around their property.  At the time it was predicted that Massillon Road would eventually have sidewalks and Avanti Lane was the nearest neighborhood to the east. Thus it was determined that the sidewalk should continue to Massillon Road to the west and Avanti Lane to the east. Later it was brought to the City's attention that those on Troon drive also had an interest in having safe access to this network. Thus the sidewalk was further expanded to the east. After seeing so much success, and recognizing the current demand for a safe connection, the City applied to AMATS in 2013. The City was awarded federal funding in 2014 for the current project.


The purpose of this project is to improve current pedestrian mobility, safety and accessibility.

Project Needs

The current segment of Raber Road between Troon Drive and Mayfair Road does not have any existing pedestrian facilities. There has been an expressed desire from residents for connectivity to the existing sidewalk and trail network.

Project Goals


  • A 8-foot multi-purpose trail accommodates multiple modes of non-motorized activity.
  • Provide multiple residential areas access to the larger network of existing sidewalks and trails.
  • Improve general connectivity and provide access for future connections


  •  Provide a safe off-road facility for pedestrian mobility. 
  • The 8-foot wide path provides additional room for safer intermodal interactions. (Eg: Cycling & Walking)
  • Keeping the trail on one side of the road, the need for mid-block crossings are eliminated.


  • This project will meet all current ADA accessibility requirements. This results in a higher quality product that will benefit all potential users. 


  • Proper alignment of Raber Road with the center of the existing street Right of Way

Project Plan

The current plan is to build a 8-foot multi-purpose path along the south side of Raber Road between Troon Drive and Mayfair Road. This project requires shifting a portion of Raber Road to match the centerline of the existing street Right of Way to allow for the construction of the shared-use path.

Project Cost

Bid Amount - $1,159,687.40

Project Funding

  • Federal Funding through Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS) - $500,000.00
  • City of Green

Estimated Schedule

  • Construction - June 2023 through September 2023