Green's Community Improvement Corporation

Community Improvement Corporation
  1. Wayne Wiethe, AICP


The purpose of the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC)

Green’s Community Improvement Corporation is defined under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1724 as an economic development non-profit with the purpose of promoting economic, commercial and civic development of the community.  The Green CIC was created in 1992.

CIC and COVID-19 Economic Assistance Loan Program

On April 14, Green City Council approved the advancement of $600,000 to the Green CIC for the purposes of assisting small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Green CIC will be allowed to make $6,000 loans at a zero percent (0%) interest rate for a period of three (3) years.  Applications for the loan will be available the week of April 20.  Please visit this site for more information on how to apply for the Green Community Improvement Corporation Economic Assistance Loan Program.  Learn more.

Previous Projects of the CIC

FedEx Custom Critical
The Green Community Improvement Corporation was first involved with accepting the land that the FedEx Custom Critical building is now located on that was previously owned by Summit County . The CIC sold this land to the developer to construct the FedEx facility.

Fire Station #3
The CIC has also worked with the Summit County Land Bank and private property owners to acquire and demolish the 2 residential structures on the NE corner of Raber and Mayfair Rd that now houses Fire Station # 3.

Green Community Improvement Corporation
c/o City of Green Planning Department
PO Box 278
Green, OH 44232

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