Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Citizens for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strives to promote, encourage and celebrate a community where all feel welcome and included.

Our Vision: A City where all residents feel appreciated, involved, heard, understood, connected, supported and embraced for our differences and have equal opportunities to thrive. 

Our Mission: Promote intentional efforts leading Green to become a place where:

  • We embrace, appreciate, and celebrate our differences;
  • The diverse fabric of our community is engaged in all facets, including government, businesses, and civic organizations and leadership of those organizations, in turn, reflects all aspects of our community;
  • All feel welcomed for who they are and valued for the uniqueness we all bring to the table; 
  • Barriers are removed that may discourage all residents from reaching their full potential. 


•    Steering & Advisory: Sharing our mission, visions and goals with the community

•    Outreach: Identify ways to make existing events and activities more inclusive

•    Education: Expand the initiative to incorporate Green Local Schools  


Last Saturday of the month
9 a.m.
Central Administration Building, 1755 Town Park Blvd.

All are invited to attend. For those interested in getting involved, contact Councilperson Rocco Yeargin for more information.