Living Green Community Grant


In 2015, Kimble Companies provided a refund based on the city's residential recycling volume. A percentage of these funds made is made available each year by the Living Green Community grant. In 2019, the award was $1,500.


When creating and then presenting a project to the City, these projects should be centered around one or more of the following Living Green values:

  • Air
  • Community/Volunteer Engagement
  • Energy Quality/Conservation
  • Healthy community
  • Local Food
  • Trees
  • Waste Reduction
  • Water
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  • Eligible applicants include:
  • Non-profits operating within the City of Green limits and whose work and mission largely benefit the residents of the City of Green.
  • City Awards Living Green Community Grants to Two Organizations


The Living Green Grant Applications (PDF) for the 2020 Living Green Grant will be available beginning first quarter of 2020.

Additional Information

Questions? Email Living Green or call Sarah Haring, Community Development Administrator at 330-896-6614.