Rules & Regulations

All cemetery property is sacred ground devoted to the burial of loved ones. A respectful atmosphere shall be maintained at all times.

Behavior Regulations

No person within a municipal cemetery shall:

  • Be present on the cemetery grounds between dusk and dawn without reasonable cause or permission from the Cemetery Sexton / Service Supervisor
  • Play, loiter or park any vehicle without having official business in the cemetery
  • Pick any flowers, wild or cultivated, if not owned by such person
  • Destroy, deface, remove, sit or stand on, or perform any other disrespectful behavior to:
    • Any object for the purpose of the memory of a person interred in the cemetery
    • Building
    • Equipment
    • Shrub
    • Tree
    • Monument
    • Other object connected to the cemetery
  • Have pets of any kind on cemetery grounds
  • Complete Rules and Regulations (PDF)