Brier Creek

Project Details

  • J Warmus, Warmus Builders Incorporated
  • Location: 1102/1184 Boettler Road
  • Request for Rezoning: 80.6 acres from R-1 to Planning Development
  • Status: Under Construction
Brier Creek (JPG)

General Development Plan

Applicant is presenting a general development plan for the development of the overall 80.6-acre site at 1102 and 1184 Boettler Road, which was formerly known as Kiefl Farm. The site consists of two separate parcels; the 79.6-acre farm tract that also includes a single-family residence and a one-acre parcel that also contains a single-family residence. The two properties will be consolidated in conjunction with the final development plan review.

The rezoning request is for 80.6 acres of land from R-1, Single-Family Residential to Planned Development.

Senior Living

The general development plan under consideration features a development mix that is geared toward “senior living” that would include cluster housing, senior apartments, Independent/Assisted living, and a Memory Care Center, which would encompass approximately 74 acres of the site. The plan also includes approximately 6 acres for professional office buildings. There are no retail uses proposed within the District. The plan indicates general building footprints, the roadway configuration, and location of open space/stormwater management facilities.

The District would be served by central sewer and water services, which are available on Boettler Road.