New Seasons Planned Development

Project Details

  • M. Schmahl, Great Development, LLC
  • Planned Development
  • Location: Southeast corner of Massillon/Wise Roads
  • Conceptual Site Plan Review - 20.5 Acres
  • Rezoning: Total of 20.05 Acres R-1/B-1/B-3 to PD
    • 13.6 Acres R-1 to PD 
    • 5.1 Acres B-1 to PD
    • 1.8 Acres B-3 to PD
New Seasons Planned Development

Proposed Plan

Applicant is presenting a conceptual site plan for The Courtyards at New Seasons, a proposed Planned Development on approximately 20.5 acres of land at the southeast corner of Massillon and Wise Roads. The plan proposes a residential cluster home development consisting of 74 fee-simple lots. The rezoning request associated with this conceptual plan is for 20.5 acres from R-1/B-1/B-3 to PD, Planned Development.  The site would exceed the five (5) acre minimum for the creation of this type of Planned Development.


The site consists of six (6) parcels of land with four (4) separate owners.  These parcels are currently under option to Great Development LLC, developer of the project.  The site includes an 8.7 acre property fronting on Wise Road that contains a vacant single-family residence (zoned R-1), a 6.75 acre single -family residential property abutting to the south that fronts on Massillon Road (zoned R-1/B-1), a contiguous 3.6 acre Massillon Road property to the south that is split-zoned between B-3 (front half) and R-1 (rear), and the three parcels that comprise the former Green Farms market/greenhouse operation on Massillon Road (zoned B-1).  The site is bounded by the Greensburg Heights Allotment to the east, Pancho’s Southwestern Grille to the north, and additional single-family residential along Wise Road and to the south along Massillon Road.  Other than a small drainage ditch, there are no significant bodies of water or waterways on site. Per preliminary mapping, four small wetlands are indicated. All are in areas that would cause their disturbance/mitigation, which will require the appropriate approvals/permits.   

Epcon Community

The developer has obtained a franchise for an Epcon Community, which are maintenance-free/lifestyle-oriented communities.  The Epcon operation was founded in Dublin, Ohio and has expanded in the Columbus area and beyond over the years.  A signature element of these communities are zero-lot-line dwellings that form private courtyard areas between units (see attached diagrams).  Fee-simple lots, as shown, would range from 6,466 SF to 19,818 SF, which exceeds the 5,000 SF minimum lot area requirement. All lots would meet the 40’ minimum width requirement.  Overall density within the District would comply at 3.61units per acre (8 units/acre maximum).